Modern Architecture House In Woods

Medora Woods Home Architecture
Modern housing with the natural environment to be a rare thing. Therefore, the following design discusses the integration architecture of modern housing, with a touch of natural and the woods. With wooden material as the main theme, you can see how astonishing this house is built in the middle of woods and with surprising angle. To make a distinction with the surrounding environment architecture, the architects tried to elaborate their idea by merging each room and integrate their design with natural landscape. Located in Buenos Aires, this house occupies 1,200 square feet areas and looks stunning with minimalist effect. Casa BB consists of basic rooms like any house. You can find the dining area with spacious atmosphere as well as the relaxing area with fireplace and the television. If you look closely, you can also find the terraces with the pine tree in the middle of it. The using of glasses window maximize the lights and give a wider effect on this house architecture.

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